[mythtv-users] Sound Issues

Michael J. Roeder mike at easychair.net
Wed Jun 2 22:57:57 EDT 2004

I recently rebuilt my long-standing Myth installation due to a harddrive 
failure. This gave me the opportunity to rebuild as Fedora. I followed 
the Fedora instructions from the link on www.mythtv.info. I have a WinTV 
Pro TV card, and a SBLive! soundcard. I am using ALSA and .15 Myth.

My problem is Sound. I am getting the symptoms described all over this 
list as not having my input muted. I'm using a cable between the WinTV 
card into the AUX port on the SBLive. I have AUX set to MM and CAPTUR. I 
have Capture set to CAPTUR. I have the volume up on PCM, and the volume 
up on the Capture slider.

Xawtv proves that it is the AUX input that is the one I want. All works 
normal until I go to Watch Live TV, I get the double audio and when I 
exit Myth entirely, I still have sound. When I fire up alsamixer, I 
still show that AUX is at MM, and if I adjust the slider for PCM, the 
volume goes up and down! Toggling MM doesn't do anything, but toggling 
CAPTUR on Capture does. Muting the PCM also mutes the errant audio. 
aplay /dev/dsp gives me the double audio problem, too.

All of this seems really inconsistent to me. Any troubleshooting ideas?


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