[mythtv-users] Burn In on Televisions? How are people avoiding this?

ian mythtv at ianmills.com
Wed Jun 2 18:59:33 EDT 2004

Curtis Spencer wrote:
> I am currently running .14, but I am going to upgrade to .15.  I am
> extremely paranoid about burn in on my lcd projection hdtv (I know it
> has limited burn in compared to normal rear projectoin but it was
> expensive...) and I am wondering if there is any progress on the
> embedded screen saver, or if there is a good way to do xscreensaver
> with mythtv.  I saw some previous posts, but the activity fizzled it
> seems.
LCD and DLP tvs do not have burnin, though LCDs will supposedly lose 
contrast with use, you can't burn sections of them in. A screensaver 
won't really help with that thought.

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