[mythtv-users] mythvideo and removable media

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Wed Jun 2 18:00:46 EDT 2004

Hi leo,

Leo Weppelman wrote:
> Hello Xavier,
> On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 10:13:22PM +0200, Xavier Hervy wrote:
> I updated my sources from cvs and applied your patch. Funny thing is that
> I can no longer play the files on the disk. At each entry I see complaints
> like:
>     videotree.o: Uh Oh. Reference larger than count of browser_mode_files
> But I cannot tell if the problem was introduced by your patch or that it
> was caused by the changes already in cvs :-/
this bug is my bug without doubt  :-)
I try  movie on cd but i forgot to try movie on hd, sorry i don't know 
very well how video list works.
I now exactly what it do. if you insert a cd with video and play the 
first video on your hard drive, mythvideo play the first video on your cd.
Then if you try to play the n video and if you have n-1 video on cd  you 
should have this error : Uh Oh. Reference larger than count of 
> When I insert a cd with avi-files it all works perfectly... I can browse
> and play them, Pretty nice!
> I applied the patch and did some testing on it. It starts out OK. I have
>>For my patch, i have a little problem, don't know if you try it, but you 
>>can choice "Do nothing", "umount" or "eject" after use a cd. I have a 
>>trouble with umount, it seems that not works but don't know why.
>>If you try it, can you tell me if it's the same for you ?
> Yes, same problem.. Eject works fine though! I think the problem is somewhere
> in the media handler.... It grabs the cd again immediatly after you have
> unmounted it. There are other weird things in the media handler. When you insert
> a data cd (and not install your handler), it will mount it. If you want to take
> it out, you have to eject it. Unmounting won't help you, since it is mounted
> again before you have the chance to get to push the button on the cd-drive :-/

You have probably right then I think i will delete umount option.

Thanks for trying my bug ;-) i will try to submit a good patch quickly 
and i keep yourself up-to-date.
> Leo.

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