[mythtv-users] PVR-350 vs PVR-250 + GeForce4MX

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jun 1 19:29:00 EDT 2004

Micah wrote:

(snip) ... Other questions answered already ...

>* I want to be able to use the console emulators.  I don't know if they can 
>leverage the 3D capabilities of a video card (like the GeForce).  Can they?
Yes.  If you use a PVR-350, you are lacking Xv (X-Windows Video 
extension) support and hardware OpenGL support.  Xv is used for playing 
DVD's and (non-MPEG2) videos (i.e. DivX, WMP, QT, etc.).  OpenGL is used 
by some games (i.e. TuxRacer, Xmame/GLmame, etc.).  Therefore, if you 
use a PVR-350, you will need a powerful CPU for DVD's (i.e. my Athlon XP 
1700+ cannot play DVD's through the PVR-350 TV out) and will probably 
find game play lacking.  Remember, you'll need drivers that support 
Xv/OpenGL as well as a the hardware.  (Shouldn't be a problem with the 
nVidia drivers, though.)

I'm going to use my PVR-350 as if it were a PVR-250--I'm disabling the 
TV out and hardware decoder--because of the disadvantages (as soon as I 
get the necessary equipment).  Could have saved myself some money if I 
knew then what I know now...  :)


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