[mythtv-users] no live tv

William Huskey iccaros at verizon.net
Sat Jul 31 20:03:07 EDT 2004

up date re emerged mythtv and componets. had no luck , the wether, Web
and MAME part works. as I stated I can capture video using the cat
command and ply it back with mplayer. but with mythfront end no vidoeo
in live video mode and I'm still learning how to set it to record so I
can't test that part yet. I think I will try bumping the ram to 512 megs
incase its a ram issue. 
thanks for any help in the matter. 

any suggestins config files to post would be appresated. thanks  

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 12:55, William Huskey wrote:
> ok herre we go. 
> system
> Gentoo
> Mini-itx 1gig 256 megs ram
> PVR-250
> Mythtv R15.1 
> I get everything working except live tv (can't figure out how to make it
> recode, I set up a schedual and it still says not recording) 
> If I do a cat /dev/video0 > temp.mpg
> I can play back video no problem.
> I have it set up for composit as I use Directtv. 
> live tv buffer is set to 6 gigs and put to folder /mnt/store (not a real
> mount-point but folder is there with a 777 permissions. 
> I get a ReadStringList timeout (quick)
> unexpected responce from Myth_proto_version
> changing nonoe to none.
> thanks for any help
> also is this a no top post list? don't what to offend. 
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