[mythtv-users] 2.6.3-7 sds kernel and LVM2 for mythtv

Mark Maas mark at menem.mine.nu
Sat Jul 31 14:39:21 EDT 2004

Graham W. Mitchell wrote:

>I kinda had this issue too.... The problem is that the md devices aren't
>starting.... I had to do this to my rc.sysinit - it's not a proper
>solution, merely a hack to get my machine to work and boot up.....
>update_boot_stage RCraid
>if [ -f /etc/raidtab ]; then
>    # Add raid devices 
>    # gwm hack
>    modprobe raid5
>    raidstart --all
>    # gwm end
>    # gwm hack
>    [ -f /proc/mdstat ] || modprobe md >/dev/null 2>&1

I thank you both. These are good starting points.

But please: I do not use RAID. Just two simple IDE drives for now. 
Perhaps RAID in the future, IF i'm lucky enough to get my hands on such 

Until then, how do I get my system to boot normally, while I can still 
use LVM?


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