[mythtv-users] Regenerate Mythweb preview pics

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Fri Jul 30 16:57:18 EDT 2004

David George wrote:

> On 7/30/2004 3:11 PM, David wrote:
>> I ran out of disk space (Only got 860Gb ;) ) and when I looked at my 
>> recordings in mythweb it doesn't have previews images. Unfortunately 
>> I don't know how to persuade it to try and regenerate them now I've 
>> cleaned up a bit.
> I've done the same thing.  I noticed that the .png files in the 
> recordings directory were created as 0 bytes.  When I removed the 0 
> byte .png files the next time I refreshed the web page they were 
> recreated.
> cd to recordings dir
> find . -name '*.png' -size 0b -exec rm {} \;
> The b after the 0 probably isn't strictly necessary.
> If you are paranoid replace -exec with -ok and it will prompt before 
> each removal.

You could safely delete them all and not hurt anything.  They'll get 
recreated as needed.

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