[mythtv-users] backend 4x pvr250 MB advice

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Fri Jul 30 13:43:19 EDT 2004

>>As I understand from the non-functioning Intel site this is quite a 
>>high-end board.
>Newegg has it for $99.  N82E16813121184
>If you want the GigE version it will cost you $125.  (it's the D865PERLK)
>Don't know if that means that it's too expensive for you, but when you 
>compare that to the cost of troubleshooting a substandard board it's worth it.

Another example of Intel's non-functioning website :) They listed an RRP of 
about $1000...! Just rechecked via kelkoo (UK's equivalent of Froogle) and 
it retails for about 90 GBP. When the time comes I'll see if I can coax my 
KT400 into action, and if not find some other use for it.

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