[mythtv-users] No more saa7134 sound problems (except when you have 2... :-S )

Mike Schoenmakers byechello at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 30 11:38:45 EDT 2004

A lot of people have problems with the saa7134 chipset. So did I, especially
the sound issues.... After talking to several people (of which some have the
same Pinnacle card both with the 'old' chipset) and browsing many webpages,
I finally found all required info and combined it to a working solution...

First in case you don't have any sound when using xawtv:
Alter the tda9887.c file and force bCarrierMode = cIntercarrier; for PAL (in
my case).

Second, if you don't have any sound in MythTv:
Alter the saa7134-video.c file. Set the dev->ctl_mute = 1 value to 0, to
always unmute the card. (Offcourse, you're alsamixer settings need to be ok
as well!)

That's it! Works perfectly for me.
However.... I'm now trying to use 2 of the soft video-encoder cards which
also requires 2 audio cards. Everything seems to be working just fine, when
they not recording or viewing both at the same time. Picture in Picture
works just fine and individual recording goes without any problems. But dual
recording (equals one recording and one viewing) gives major out of sync
issues... I have a P4 2,8Ghz HT, 512Mb so this cannot be the issue.

So is anyone out there who have two soft video-encoder (so no PVR-250/350)
working ok, without sync issues? If so, please let me know if you ran into
issues and how you solved those.

Mike (Netherlands)
ps: I'm using a Pinnacle PV TV stereo card. (yes, the latest version use the
saa7134 chipset)

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