[mythtv-users] avformat error: -1

Stephen Atkins atkinss at shaw.ca
Thu Jul 29 20:57:21 EDT 2004

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> >I've been having the same sort of issue.  I just picked up an
> PVR-250 and ever
> >since my machine crashes (caps and scroll lock is flashing) hard
> about an hour
> >after it starts marking the commercials after it finishes recording.  I've
> >turned off auto marking so we'll see if that is truely it.  Unfortunatly
> >when it
> >crashes I can't get to a console window and there is nothing in the logs.  I
> >don't know if it has anything to do with Myth or with the ivtv driver.  I'm
> >using Gentoo with the gentoo 2.4.26 kernel.
> I had the exact same problem with Gentoo under 2.4.26, and rolled back to
> 2.4.25. Always occurred after recording had finished (couldn't pinpoint it
> to commflagging though), and again nothing in the logs. Complete machine
> freeze (no X, SSH, ping, anything) - not even a kernel panic message.
> As such, I've resisted installing new kernels based on the 2.4.26 updates.
> It also coincided with my descision to go ACPI rather than APM, so I then
> attributed it to ACPI crummyness. Who knows what went on?

What chip set are you running.  I've got an nForce2 on a Gigabyte motherboard
and APM seems to crash this this also and I've had problems with my SATA drive
(which holds all my video's) with out ACPI.  To make matter worse the 2.6 series
don't have good support for SATA (after a few mins I can't access the drive).
I'll try downloading the 2.4.25 and give it a try.  I just hope my SATA drive is
supported properly.


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