[mythtv-users] dynamic update when a recording time occurs.

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Jul 29 17:37:40 EDT 2004

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Josh Burks wrote:
>> If you have httpd running, you can go to http://localhost:6544 (or the 
>> ip address for you box, if not local) for the status page.
> I'm guessing that you don't even need httpd running since I've 
> configured Apache httpd to listen on port 80 and the URL that 
> mythbackend exposes is 6544.  I think it's a "mini-web-server" inside 
> mythbackend.

That's correct but this isn't an answer to the OP's question
because it does not auto-update and you'd have to hit the page
again to see if a recording started. Currently the only page that
will be automatically signaled and updated to show when a recording
starts without user intervention is the conflicts page.

--  bjm

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