[mythtv-users] Ways to improve TV Out quality[Scanned]

David myth at dgreaves.com
Thu Jul 29 11:36:51 EDT 2004

Jason Keirstead wrote:
> On July 29, 2004 11:24 am, Mark Maas wrote:
>>>Functionality 1st, security 2nd in this case... sorry.
>>You're lucky i've got a pacemaker... Or you would be hearing from my
>>BTW, what was your IP again? ;-) I already got some usernames...
> I have to agree with the poster, I have my myth set up similarly.
> Who cares about security in this case?  What is the absolute worst that you 
> could do (assuming you can get onto my home LAN to log into it), erase my TV 
> shows? It's not like a myth box contains vital, secure data.
> Auto log-in is a requirement for a useable myth setup IMO. Otherwise when the 
> power goes out / the box is moved / the system crashes etc etc you're stuck 
> at a login screen instead of a useable television. And if you are not home, 
> then you later on suffer the wrath of your family.

Agreed - but if someone doesn't know enough to make autologin work then 
I'd question the security of anything else that someone set up - 
including a firewall ;)

I think that when you start just hammering at problems (with root 
privileges  in this case) you may end up with a system that works today 
but it isn't a 'proper' solution and if you continue to build on it then 
you'll get bitten later - maybe when you set it up to connect to your 
server to display your digital photos and *they* get blatted 'cos you 
forgot a root_squash on the nfs mount?

I'd suggest running KnoppMyth if you can't/don't want to setup a generic 
linux system. It has 'behave like an appliance' as a core objective; as 
a result, things like autologin 'just work'.


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