[mythtv-users] Separate mythtranscode server

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Jul 28 22:09:59 EDT 2004

> > Current CVS allows you to do this for Commercial Detection, but not for
> > transcoding.  The ability to do this for transcoding will come at some
> > time in the future, but that will probably come after work is done to
> > merge together the queueing of jobs for both processes.
> On that note, the next version of nuvexport (no idea when) WILL support 
> this.  I'm splitting it into a client/daemon setup, where the client 
> (including mythweb) will set up the encodes, and then a daemon process 
> (located on any computer with access to mythtv dabase and files) will 
> grab tasks from the database and process them accordingly.
> This does, however, mean that you'll seed to set up your directory 
> structures on different machines so that they match.
> -Chris

And on that note.... :)

My idea for merging the transcoding and commercial detection queues includes
possibly adding in support for external "jobs" to run when a recording
finishes.  So you could automatically callout to a script which runs nuvexport
after a recording finishes, or a script that archived a recording, etc..



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