[mythtv-users] FW: mythDVD playback problem

Sperlongano Brian M NPRI SperlonganoBM at Npt.NUWC.Navy.Mil
Wed Jul 28 12:46:14 EDT 2004

Actually, I am using an saa7134-based card (an Asus Digimatrix box).
This still would not explain why perfectly good video playback occurs
when launched directly.  Here's a walkthrough:

1.) Power up the box.  "X" and "mythfrontend" are started via a respawn
entry in my /etc/inittab

2.) Choose "Play DVD" command in mythtTV.  xine starts up, switches to
full-screen black, X cursor appears for a second, then immediately
returns to mythTV DVD menu.

3.) Press Alt+F1.  Login.  Type: export DISPLAY="localhost:0.0".  Run
xine command (same as specified in DVD setup in mythTV).  Press Alt+F7
(to go back to X).  DVD (audio AND video) are playing perfectly.

Hope this gives a little more info as to the problem I'm running into.


>Are you perhaps by any chance using the PVR350's tv-out?
>It would explain this.

>As the PVR350's tv-out does not support xvideo. It's just a simple
>framebuffer device.

>To get everything working, you will unfortunatly have to use the tv-out
>of a real video-card. A video card usually *does* have xvideo support.

>>I have a rather interesting problem with getting MythDVD working
properly. I am able to launch DVD playback from the console, using xine
or mplayer or ogle (all three work). However, when I launch any of these
three players from *within* MythDVD, using the *exact same* command
specified in the MythDVD setup, the program comes up for a few seconds,
and before playback begins, the program crashes and returns to the
MythDVD menu. I get the same thing no matter which player I try to use.
Any ideas?

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