[mythtv-users] Program Guide cuases crash in live tv (PVR350)

K.R. Foley kr at cybsft.com
Wed Jul 28 11:59:48 EDT 2004

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Worldnet wrote:
| I have searched the archives and I know that this is a driver problem with
| the IVTV drivers but there seems to be a solution proposed in one thread
| thet involves binding a jumpkey that will start the program guide and at
| the same time stop playback. I have verified that if I pause live tv
| before I enter the program guide, then I am able to browse and select a
| channel and all works fine (though for some reason when I do this the
| guide will only display for about a quarter second then go away but any
| button on the remote will bring it back for a quarter second).
| My problem is taht I am running Knoppmyth and the webmyth interface will
| not save the jumpkey assignment, I saw a thread about this but there was
| some concern that an upgrade might break the backend and that would
| probably spell the end of Myth for me.
| Is there a way to stop the playback stream before entering the program
| guide?
| BTW I really like Mythtv, you guys have done a fantastic job. Except for
| this one issue it is working great for me.
| Paul


I don't believe this is a mythtv issue. I, like most other people using
a PVR350, have experienced this problem. I was able to resolve it for
myself by using Mathias Badaire's X driver which you can find here:

Hope this helps,


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