[mythtv-users] Re: MPlayer Occasional Subtitles

Joe . japher at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 27 10:26:14 EDT 2004

>>That type of subtitle is usually rendered directly on the video; i.e. it's 
>>(typically) not a true selectable DVD subtitle. I'm very surprised that 
>>you say mplayer does not show them... is it possible your screen settings 
>>are causing them to be cut off?
>Likewise - I own an awful lot of DVD's with foreign "bits" in them, and 
>I've not seen one yet that doesn't have rendered subtitles. Generally 
>speaking (for predominatly englsh-language movies) if you see subs at the 
>cinema, they'll be rendered on the DVD.

if by 'rendered' you mean the subtitles have actually be stuck onto the 
picture and are not pulled from a file or anything, then no, this is not the 
case. in the godfather films and kill bill (at least the uk, pal versions 
that i own), these subtitles are displayed dynamically. in other words, if i 
were to rip the dvd without bothering to set something up to catch 
subtitles, then they wouldn't be in my rip.

xine shows them, and i can change the fon't they appear in, so they're not 
rendered on :-) it's just mplayer that doesn't. there must be something 
quite clever going on, because none of the subtitle tracks are just those 
bits (i.e. subtitles must be turned on & off while you watch or something). 
standalone dvd players (and xine) are obviously sophisticated enough to 
handle this, mplayer is not.

maybe i'll just use xine instead. that way i'll get dvd menus too (and avoid 
the 'always plays track1 chapter1' problem). is there any reason why using 
xine would be a worse idea? why do people generally prefer mplayer with 

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