[mythtv-users] Composite Only capture card?

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Mon Jul 26 19:58:13 EDT 2004

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>> Second, why? You can easily pick up a composite to s-video converter 
>> for next to nothing and then you don't limit your selection of cards.
> My guess is he's looking for a card without a tuner (to save money, 
> perhaps?). If so, you'll be hard pressed to find one. An NTSC/PAL/SECAM 
> (i.e. analog) tuner is extremely inexpensive these days (reference all 
> the frame-grabber-type tuner cards for less than $30--including 
> manufacturer and retailer markup and all the other required components 
> of a frame grabber). Therefore, even if a manufacturer decided to make a 
> card without a tuner, the manufacturing cost would be nearly identical 
> to that of a card with a tuner, so the manufacturers all include tuners 
> as well as S-Video and/or Composite inputs. Doing so makes the marketing 
> guys' jobs easier.

Actually, I'm wanting it for a lower-end (and low-cost) mythbackend. It 
won't be recording channels at all, just the output from an old 
BarbieCam (wireless, the receiver has composite output).

But, seeing as how a composite-only card would cost the same as a full 
card, I'll probably just buy a better card than the one I'm using now on 
my main box (ATI TVWonder VE) and move this card down to the new box.

Thanks again guys for a fast reply.

And by the way, I STILL can't get my channel 44 to come in clear.

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