[mythtv-users] Found answer for random backend crashes

MythTV mythtv at hribnak.com
Mon Jul 26 11:24:05 EDT 2004

I changed my MOBO as I picked up a Dual Celeron 466 for dirt cheap, swapped
my RAM from my PII 333 and all has been fine for 6 days now with no problems
(KNOCK ON WOOD!!!)  I was working fine on the other Mobo for quite sometime.
I am using everything the same from the other machine except the Mobo

I have a PVR 350.

ANyways I am happy camper right now.


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> On Thursday 22 July 2004 06:11 pm, Ben Brown wrote:
> > I've been running mythtv for about 2.5 years.  Been on the same box the
> > whole time.  When I upgraded to the latest version, I started having all
> > sorts of backend problems.  Crashes, bad recordings, etc.  I found that
> > upgrading my ram to 512MB fixed all my problems.  Not sure what changed
> > the latest release of myth, but it seems to need more memory then it
> > earlier brethren.  Just thought I'd share
> >
> > Ben
> Well, I'm still getting wierd random backend crashes, almost every day,
> every 2 hours after upgrading to 0.15.1 and I already had 512mb.
> What WM and processes are you using?
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