[mythtv-users] Reading DVD TOC

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Mon Jul 26 10:53:05 EDT 2004

One reason is that I can't figure out how to get it to let me control
the menu with arrow keys (despite the key mappings in place) and hence
use my usual myth remote which sends keypresses.


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Paul Woodward wrote:

> Does anyone know of an existing command line tool or simple library to

> read the list of titles, chapters (and their lengths)?
> I want to write a wrapper script to find the title/chapter with the 
> longest run-time to fix the problem of mplayer defaulting to title 
> 1/chapter 1 when playing dvds, which isn't the case for all the ones I

> have.
> Anyone know a better way?
Why not use Xine to playback your DVDs. It has full menu support as I 



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