[mythtv-users] IvyTV, teletext (VBI) and automatic programming

Schlomo Schapiro ivtv at schlomo.schapiro.org
Sun Jul 25 15:18:44 EDT 2004


the next release (and the current CVS) of IvyTV will contain teletext 
support, analog grabbers have it already. MythTV seems to use teletext 
till now only for CC, which work also only in the US and similar countries 
(German CC seems to work different, beeing broadcast on teletext page 

Are there plans to extend the usage of the VBI data for other purposes 
* displaying on the screen (like a TV set)
* support nxtvepg for XMLTV generation (would be good in Germany as the 
tv_grab_de_tvtoday service delivers VERY lousy content)
* support adapting the start and length of a recording to the VPS signal 
sent via teletext (s.th. even the cheapest VCR does) ?

Thanks for any input, maybe some of these things are already beeing worked 
on. I would be happy to test it.


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