[mythtv-users] Flash of a frame that shouldn't be there

Geoff at Hundekeandroyal.com mythtv at hundekeandroyal.com
Sat Jul 24 03:40:36 EDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 09:20, match at ece.utah.edu wrote:
> > > lStephen Atkins wrote:
> > >  My only problem with the recording seems to be every 15
> > > to 20 mins I get a flash of a frame that shouldn't be there.  It's not a big
> > > problem just a annoyance.
> > > 
> > > Stephen
> I'm running FC1 with Axels RPMs (15.1, 4363) and have exactly the 
> same problem, but perhaps a flash every 10 minutes, but I just 
> learned to innore it. No idea where to start.
> MSI nForce MB, 512 MB, nVidia MX440 to VGA monitor, ATA 
> drives, PVR-250...
> Marvin

I think that I may have had the same problem.

I have virtually the same hardware as you Marvin.

I did two things to try to solve it, and I'm not sure which one of the
two things solved the issue.

I upped my bitrate from 4400 to 4400, and kept my max bitrate the same
at 6000.  I also changed my resolution from 480x480 to 720x480.  My
flickers and flashes are gone...the picture is as good as watching my
sat straight through on my TV.

I did this in (I'm using AltMenus...so this is different if you are
using the default menus, but should give you an idea of where it is)
Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> TV Settings -> Recording Profiles -> MPEG-2
Encoders -> Default and Live TV.

Fixing it on my system was a pure luck, as I really don't feel like I
have a good understanding of the profiles... ;)

Geoff Scott

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