[mythtv-users] New Channels with DataDirect

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jul 23 22:46:45 EDT 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> And that's the key, when do we find out that there is a lineup
> change. You are looking at this from the premise that all new
> channels are unwanted but there is a trade off.
> If I get a new channel that I don't want, I'm not forced to
> watch it or record it. It can be removed at any time days or
> weeks later, no problem. However, if new channels are not added
> by default and stations you want are added or, worse yet, existing
> stations moved to new channels, when would we discover that we
> are missing out on stuff that could be recorded?
> Given the choice between adding by default and not finding out
> about lineup changes until going to zap2it and examining the list
> (note: by this method, I'd have found exactly zero new channels
> since signing up for DD ;-) I'd prefer adding by default hands
> down, no contest.

Agreed.  That can be a benefit, but then again, it can also be a 
problem--if the "new station" is not really available (maybe because of 
the subscription agreement with Dish or FCC regulations) and it 
broadcasts shows that a Myth user has chosen to "record at any time on 
any channel," the scheduler may choose to record from the "unavailable" 
station.  I would be very disappointed to get an hour of "You are not 
currently subscribed to this channel" instead of Alias, for example.

So, how likely is this?  Much more so than it may seem at first.  For 
example, Dish is required by the FCC to carry all US local channels (if 
they choose to carry any--they cannot choose only certain markets).  
Therefore, they are working to add these new channels to their satellites.

TMS is informed of the new channels, so they add them to the database.  
Now, one would think that a person signed up for DataDirect using the 
Dish Orlando lineup would be presented with only the channels that are 
available to subscribers in that market area.  However, the only 
discernable difference between Dish Orlando and any other Dish lineup is 
that the "low channels" (i.e. less than 100) are mapped to the numbers 
used by the local stations.  Therefore, the Orlando ABC station, channel 
9, WFTV, is available as channel 9, as well as Dish's normal station 
number for WFTV, 8270.

That means that when Dish adds local stations for some location, TMS 
adds them to the Dish lineups (for all market areas), and Myth downloads 
them and adds them to the database.  Then, when the scheduler notices 
that ABC primetime is available on two channels, it may decide to record 
on the wrong channel--the one to which I haven't subscribed (the one to 
which the FCC forbids my subscribing).

>> What I'm wondering is how to get rid of these channels in Myth.  
>> Using setup to delete all channel/program information works, but 
>> seems quite wasteful (not to mention quite a hassle to do once or 
>> twice a week).  Is there any way to prevent Myth from adding the 
>> extra channels?
> Yeah, it might be good to simplify removing a channel

Based on your response, it doesn't sound like there's an easier way to 
delete a channel, so I may look into patching that...  (Maybe an option 
to delete an individual channel in Myth setup (to prevent accidental 
deletions from the frontend)?)

> but you'd still want to uncheck them at zap2it so they aren't 
> processed and
> sent every night.

Yes, I do that (and agree 100%).

> I think the better question is how to be informed
> when a change takes place so that you can make a conscious decision.

Now that's something I hadn't considered.  Perhaps it makes sense--after 
adding a capability to delete an individual channel--to inform the user 
of new channels noticed in the lineup and allow the user to test (i.e. 
with LiveTV) and keep or delete the channels.

If we design for safety, a decision to delete the channel would refer 
them to Myth setup.  If we want to design for usability, we would allow 
them to delete from mythfrontend.

Any thoughts?


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