[mythtv-users] Latest CVS -> audio buffer overflows

Paul Woodward paul_woodward at fastnet.co.uk
Fri Jul 23 18:20:50 EDT 2004

That sounds exactly like my problem. Good to know I'm not the only one.


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Paul Woodward wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've just tried upgrading from 0.15.1 (worked fine) to the latest CVS.

> I am experiencing continuous audio buffer overflow errors when 
> watching any TV channel or recorded program. I am using an ALSA plug 
> for sound output to the digital out on my M-Audio Revolution 7.1.
Do you mean this message "Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!"? Just

as a pointer, when reporting errors it is very helpful to give the exact


> Has anyone got any ideas what could be the cause?
I am also getting these with CVS as of last night. Using kernel 2.6.7 
with alsa 1.0.3. I have added additional debugging and found in my case 
that Myth is constantly waiting for space on my soundcard. According to 
what I found Myth wants 4096 bytes and my sound card is only reporting 
128 free. However mplayer and aplay work fine on this system. Using 
mplayer-1.0-0.10.pre5.1.fc2.fr I can even directly play the .nuv files 
with no problems.

I am looking into this and will post to the list as soon as I find out 
what the problem is on my system. Unless, of course, someone beats me to



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