[mythtv-users] More info about scheduling new recordings

Curtis Stanford curtis at stanfordcomputing.com
Fri Jul 23 14:47:25 EDT 2004

Does the 'New recordings' settings work for anyone? I really would like to get 
this to work so here is a detailed description of my latest attempt.

I decided to pick a show that had a mixture of new and old episodes (in my 
case, Canadian Idol). I checked the program table and the previously shown 
field was set perfectly (i.e. it was 0 for the new episodes and 1 for the 
many repeats on other channels)

Then I did the following:

1. Deleted all instances of recordings for Canadian Idol. I wanted to start 

2. Selected 'Program Finder' and scrolled to Canadian Idol and pressed the 
right arrow.

3. About a dozen episodes where shown on the right. I picked one and hit 

4. Pressed 'i' to go to advanced screen.

5. Noticed that Scheduling Options and Storage Options were disabled. Selected 
'Record at any time on any channel'.

6. Scheduling Options and Storage Options are now enabled. Picked Scheduling 
Options and notice that the 'Match duplicates...' option is disabled so I 
can't pick the 'New recordings only' option at this time. So I go back and 
pick 'Record this program as shown'

7. Back at the Program Finder, only one episode is scheduled for recording: a 
repeat. The new episodes are not scheduled. All episodes say 'Find One 
Recording' followed by either 'Earlier Showing' or 'Previous Recording'. The 
two new episodes are marked 'Earlier Showing' which is definitely not true.

8. So, now I go to 'Fix Schedule' and see the one scheduled Canadian Idol 
show. I select it and press Enter, then 'Edit Options'

9. Instead of 'Record at any time on any channel' like I selected, I see 
'Record one showing of this program'

10. I change it back to 'Record at any time on any channel'. The 'Match 
duplicates...' option is still disabled. So I pick 'Record this program as 

11. No matter how many times I do this, the options don't change and it only 
records one episode.

So I did this a second time, repeating steps 1 - 3 above but skipping step 4 
and just picking 'Record anytime anywhere' from the basic recording screen.

5. Now it has scheduled the two new episodes along with 1 repeat and it 
correctly indicates that I want 'All Recordings' and not 'Find One'

6. I select an episode in the Program Finder and press Enter and then 'Edit 
Options' to get the advanced recordings screen.

7. I pick 'Scheduling options' and this time the 'Match duplicates...' options 
is enabled, yay!

8. I pick this option and pick 'Record new episodes only'

9. The choice I made is correctly shown so I go back and pick 'Record this 
program as shown'.

10. Now, the program finder shows that not only will it record the two new 
episodes and one repeat, it will record two other repeats that have the 
previouslyshown flag set to 1. I didn't expect it to schedule MORE repeats.

11. At this point the record table shows only 1 entry for Canadian Idol with a 
dupmethod of 0 and dupin of 15. All my other recordings have a dupmethod of 
6, 4 or 2. I believe the new recordings method is 8.

Either way I do it, it does two different things, neither one correct. Am I 
doing something wrong here?

Any hints appreciated.


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