[mythtv-users] Need advice for storage project

Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Fri Jul 23 10:47:21 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Maarten" == Maarten  <mythtv at ultratux.org> writes:

    Maarten> On Thursday 22 July 2004 12:29, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
    >> >>> mythtv at ultratux.org 07/22/04 5:57 AM >>>

    Maarten> Then I get to the LVM part.  What always puzzled me is
    Maarten> what that brings me.  Sure, with LVM one can resize the

I wouldn't be without some sort of LVM; I've been using on AIX since
the early 90s and it is sooo much better than partitions (one of the
things that irritated me most about Linux before Linux
LVM). Especially in the "old" days with smaller disks, just setup one
or more disks as a volume, give each filesystem the minimum it needs
and resize when necessary.

    Maarten> underlying disk, but the partition on top of that doesn't
    Maarten> get resized.  So I have to resize my reiserfs.  Not only
    Maarten> do I not trust resizing very much, it too can be error
    Maarten> prone.  Besides, adding a new logical volume of xxxGB to
    Maarten> LVM.  If someone tells me they've resized reiserfs
    Maarten> partitions 20 times without losing data a single time,

Probably > 100 times since I started using reiserfs (2001 I think),
the first year I did offline resizing and more recently online
resizing and I wouldn't be without it especially for system
filesystems like /var, it saves a single-user mode which is tedious at
least for a server.


Adrian Phillips

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