[PATCH] Docs - MythDVD/Running the Myth Transcoding Daemon (was Re: [mythtv-users] DVD transcoding Deamon)

Mark Maas mark at menem.mine.nu
Fri Jul 23 05:43:04 EDT 2004

Michael T. Dean wrote:
  > Usually the "database out of whack" message occurs because of 
> in your database--i.e. in this case, probably bad data in the 
> musicmetadata table.  You could try clearing that out (but get a good 
> backup first - http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-21.html#ss21.5 - 
> just in case that doesn't help).

Ok, I'll make the backup, always a good idea, but then?
How does one clear out the musicmetadata table?

Thanks again,

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