[mythtv-users] PVR350 TV-OUT (PAL) not Working (probably X-Server Config?)

Stephen Longhurst steve at longsteve.com
Fri Jul 23 03:48:11 EDT 2004

> On Thursday 22 July 2004 06:14 pm, Frank Bertling wrote:
>> I've seen the color pattern clearly on the screen. So far so good. So in my
>> opinion there is no problem with the card or the modules. But when I start
>> the X-Server I get a "running" picture (like one might have had in former
>> computer times when resolution was wrong) So I can guess that the X -
>> Server is running, becaus I know the look from the desktop, but I cannot
>> get a clear picture.

I don't know if I had the same problem or not, but I'll describe it
and the solution.  It might give you some ideas.

On my machine (using originally ivtv 0.1.9 and now
ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck71), when the saa7127 module is loaded, I get a
scrambled picture. It has diagonal lines running around on it with
flashes of colour. If I load it with the test picture, that was
perfect. If I loaded X, it would start up, but the picture on the tv
out was similarly garbled... until I played some video using the ivtv
decoder. Once an mpg video had been sent to the decoder (either from
mythtv or simply "cat something.mpg > /dev/video16", everything
corrected itself.

I also found that having the module options in modules.conf and
using modprobe ivtv simply didn't work.  I ended up with all sorts of
issues from black screens and no sound to complete system crashes!
What works for me is to use a script in /etc/init.d that I put at the
default runlevel after my system has almost completed booting.  It
does the following actions:

insmod ivtv tuner=5 ivtv_pal=1 ivtv_debug=1
insmod tuner pal=1 type=5
insmod saa7115
/usr/bin/test_ioctl --device=$DEV -u 0xff
/usr/bin/test_ioctl --device=$DEV -p 4
/usr/bin/test_ioctl --device=$DEV -f width=720,height=576
/usr/bin/test_ioctl --device=$DEV -v input=7,output=1
insmod msp3400 once=1 simple=1 standard=0x0a
# Load the saa7127 without any tv output
insmod saa7127 enable_output=0 output_select=2 pal=1
# Send something to the decoder which seems to fix the tv display
# This is a short mpg captured using cat /dev/vide16 > sample.mpg .. ctrl-c
dd if=/root/sample.mpg of=/dev/video16 bs=64k
# Now put the saa7127 back in, enabling the output
rmmod saa7127
insmod saa7127 enable_output=1 output_select=1 pal=1
# Finally the framebuffer
modprobe ivtv-fb

You may need a different input=X,output=Y depending upon your card and
chosen TV connection (Composite, S-Video or scart cable).  I don't
know if all the test_ioctl calls are strictly necessary, but they
don't do any harm as far as I can tell.

>> Section "Device"
>>         Identifier  "PVR350"
>>         Driver      "fbdev"
>>         ### change fb0 to whatever your card grabbed
>>         Option      "fbdev" "/dev/fb0"
>>         ### change the busid to whatever is reported by lspci. Note that
>>         ### output of lspci is hex, so add a preceding "0x" to the BusID
>>         BusID "PCI:0:0x10:0"
>> EndSection

Your XF86Config is almost identical to mine, apart from I use the
ivtvdev driver from Mathias Badaire.  Get it from
http://membres.lycos.fr/badzzzz/ and change the Driver "fbdev" line
above to Driver "ivtvdev".  I never tried the standard framebuffer
driver, but everyone says the ivtv one is much better, and it works
great for me.

Currently, my machine is very stable with a great TV output and a
pretty good WAF to boot.

Hope this helps,


Stephen Longhurst
steve at longsteve.com

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