[mythtv-users] controlling a dishnetwork receiver

Jason Elwell elwell at smartlp.com
Thu Jul 22 23:38:27 EDT 2004

I have seen several people report trouble in building the amplified 
transmitter.  I have personally built several of the 'simple 
transmitters' which have worked flawlessly for me.  I may be wrong, but 
the only downside I could see to the 'simple transmitter' is its range.  
Typically I get less than 3 feet, depending n the receiver.  For me, 
range doesnt matter because I have my transmitter mounted about 1 inch 
in front of my cable box.  Take a look at the transmitters I built:

PS: I still have a few extra of these.  If you dont want to build your 
own, I can send you one for $20 shipped.

Chris Petersen wrote:

> Ok, so I just got off the phone with a Dish rep, who tells me that for 
> $45/month (same price I pay for analog cable), I can get two 
> dual-tuner receivers (not dvr) and all of the channels I'm looking for 
> (basically, their "120" package).
> Anyway, this seems like a good deal to me -- pay the same price, and 
> get digital quality with a handful more channels, but I need to have 
> my mythbox all set up and ready to go for the switchover.  I know that 
> there are a number of schematics out there for controlling things, but 
> a friend of mind had a hard time with schematics linked to from the 
> lirc website.
> So I'm looking for a known-good schematic.  Searching the mythtv-users 
> archives and lirc.org brings up some info, but I was hoping for some 
> real-world schematics for an amplified circuit like the one listed at 
> http://www.lirc.org/transmitters.html -- unfortunately, this 
> amplified/clean one is only theoretical, and I'd rather not blow out 
> my serial port (especially since it doesn't list which serial pins to 
> connect the power wires to) by hooking up the wrong wires or getting a 
> cap/transistor of the wrong value.   (I guess I don't need a "receive" 
> circuit, since my Lola remote has been working wonderfully)
> I'll also admit that I've had relatively poor luck with lirc, too, and 
> have heard that there are some non-lirc scripts for controlling serial 
> devices -- if anyone has info about these, I'd appreciate it, too 
> (someone sent me something last time I posted about this, but I have 
> apparently lost the email)
> And after searching the mythtv-users archives some more, I see that I 
> should also check which version of the receiver I'll be getting.  Do 
> any of them have plain serial port controls?  Also, has anyone had 
> experience with these dual-tuner receivers?  Do they have two IR 
> inputs or something?
> And hopefully, once I have all of this info, I can either get Jarod to 
> add it to his guide, or put it into the wiki (which is REALLY slow, btw).
> -Chris
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