[mythtv-users] I am new to all of this,

Shreyas Pandit sp543 at nyu.edu
Thu Jul 22 13:57:47 EDT 2004

I am new to all of this,
I have a Win TV PVR USB 2 TV tunner, and USB-URIT to change channels on my SA 
8000 cable box

I was wonder now how do I set up Myth TV, I am running Win XP Pro
Also I would like to stream live TV, I think I need a software based encoder 
Tv Tuner (for that I am using the Win TV USB Live)
I want to stream live tv to my pocket pc, basically when traveling I would 
like to use my pocket pc or laptop to watch my home tv. 

Also I was wondering if there is a way to connect mythtv to the mediamvp, I 
know they can do this with beyond tv, 
it would be nice to use my media mvp to see weather, rss news feeds, in 
addition to watch live tv though he myth tv interface, schedule records and 
change channels, rewind/fastfoward, etc. 

I have no real liniux or mysql skills :(

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