[mythtv-users] Mandrake 10/mythtv info for list, ivtv related

Mark Maas mark at menem.mine.nu
Thu Jul 22 03:13:16 EDT 2004

Gregory J. McGee wrote:

> kernel-sds-2.6.7-1.sds.23mdk contains the ivtv-ck99 driver, and appears
> to work fine again, also has numerous other fixes, including v3500tv v4l
> support IIRC.


Thanks to Gregory, I finally got a working mythtv setup. All that is 
left now is finishing up stuff, like the remote, DVD transcoding 
deamon, things like that.

Indeed the kernel-sds-2.6.7-1.sds.23mdk contains a newer version of 
the IVTV drivers, just remember to delete msp3400.ko.gz in the 
/lib/modules/.. directory and replace it with the ivtv-msp3400.ko.gz 
so that the sound works.

So now I got this as a system:
1.6Ghz Pentium IV
20 System disk and buffer holding place for "Live TV"
200GB Video storage.
Hauppauge PVR 350 (Since it was almost beeing advertised in the doc's)
1 hour of video ~ 2,5Gb.

If there is a need (email me about it) I should make a list of 
things i've done to get it to work this far, as some things  I did 
where derrived from personal communication with others, and was not 
available on the net, even after I knew what to search for.

Oh, PAL users: Download the source code (c99) of the ivtv driver and 
compile the utils directory. Then you can use ivtvctl 
--set-freq=3456   (216 mhz * 16 - For Nederland1)) to tune the 
channels.  Hehe, nice little bone there ;-)

Thanks Gents, thanks a lot!


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