[mythtv-users] Need advice for storage project

mythmail mythmail at richardstraat.homedns.org
Thu Jul 22 03:13:50 EDT 2004

Op do 22-07-2004, om 07:19 schreef George Nilsen:
> >I do not know how the NTFS share using Samba will work.
> I have had a problem running a WinXP box with a drive formated NTFS and a 
> RHL 8.0 box running Samba with shares (using encrypted passwords). The XP 
> box could not connect to the Samba share and I could not figure out why. 
> After scratching my head for a long time.. I reformatted the windows drive 
> FAT and was able to connect and use the shares.
> I do not recommend trying to connect NTFS to Samba.
> George

First, it think he was talking about sharing a NTFS partition on a
windows box and connect to it from his myth box for storage.
Second, I can't see how the filesystem on your windows box should have
anything to do with beeing able to connect to a samba share on a Redhat


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