[mythtv-users] what are you recording (take 2)

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Wed Jul 21 22:40:02 EDT 2004

John Kuhn wrote:
> summer months are on us and I'm not finding much to record these days.. 
> i thought if we sparked up a new "what are you watching thread" we could 
> get ideas of new shows to watch..

My lineup --

American Chopper (same as you, John!)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (just finished Season 2)
Big (again, same as you)
Codename: Kids Next Door
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (do we see a trend here?)
Outer Limits (the OLD ones)
SeaLab 2021

And I WOULD be taping Mail Call on the History Channel but that's the 
ONE channel I can't fine-tune well enough to record. (terrible static on 
that channel, but ONLY in here. Both TVs bring it in crystal clear).

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