[mythtv-users] Bugs in MythVideo?

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Mon Jul 19 13:50:28 EDT 2004

Isaac Richards wrote:

> On Monday 19 July 2004 12:55 pm, Xavier Hervy wrote:
>>This patch fix the display of accent characters in mythvideo. but i
>>forget to fix when you launch a movie. however video a add only one time
>>in database and imdb info are displayed correctly.
>>I can't send a patch that fix the launch of video with accent because i
>>don't use cvs (i use mythvideo cd support) then if i run cvs i will lost
>>all information about video store on cds :(
>>But basicly, you just need to remove the local8bit() on the filename
>>when mythvideo try to launch it or something like that
> This patch is horribly incorrect.  Data _must_ be stored as utf8 in the 
> database.
> Isaac

Yes i know ;-)
but If i want that mythvideo works correctly, i should :
- don't use QString::fromUtf8 to extracting data from database
- encode two times in utf8 before adding to database.

Don't know why.

accent are correctly display in epg then ....
My system is use utf8 and my mysql latin1

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