[mythtv-users] Fast Forward / Skip lock up

Geoff at Hundekeandroyal dot com mythtv at hundekeandroyal.com
Mon Jul 19 13:00:41 EDT 2004

I have been recording the Tour de France coverage here in the stats 
(finally, some coverage of this!).  I tend to start watching while it is 
still finishing up the recording, but I have had this problem with shows 
that are not still recording.

I will come to a commercial break and press the skip ahead button (skips 
30 seconds) a few times to get through the commercials.  I can do this 
for about the first half hour of the show.  After which I press the skip 
ahead button and the front end "seems" to lock up.  Video is frozen and 
there is no audio.  But if I wait (probably about 30 seconds) it seems 
to slowly come back...eventually coming all the way back.

I have searched the archives and did see a similar problem, but did not 
see any solutions.  This makes watching recording almost unbearable, 
since it defeats the purpose of the PVR.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  I've nearly thrown the 
remote several times ;)

Geoff Scott

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