[mythtv-users] Wow! Stuttering of Live-Recorded program, and programs not recording properly

Cory Megitt mythtv at cable.megitt.com
Sun Jul 18 20:49:58 EDT 2004

Hi All;

Today I noticed that all of the programs I scheduled to record today failed.
I only got like 1 minute or so of the actual program, then it seems that the
PVR250 changed tha channel on me and stopped the recording ... Something
weird happened and I have no idea what.

Here's the stats when recording 2 programs at once right now which has
looked normal in the past few days.

Machine information
Disk Usage: 
Total Space: 114,415 MB
Space Used: 10,512 MB
Space Free: 103,903 MB
This machine's load average: 
1 Minute: 0.72
5 Minutes: 0.44
15 Minutes: 0.31 

Both of the Encoders are stuttering while playing back a program that I am
recording from live tv... One is recording Rat Race, and the other is
recording some show on The Comedy Network.  I have no clue what's going on

When playing back a recording from 1 day or 2 days ago, they're fine.  When
watching live tv without recording anything, it's fine too.
When pausing a live program, it's supposed to say how far behind I am from
that spot.  It does not.  Say I hit pause, and walk away for 5 mins.  When I
come back, I unpause and it says there's like 30 seconds more of video.  

It's like the database is out of wack or something ..

What should I do?


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