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Adrian Phillips adrianp at broadpark.no
Sun Jul 18 03:23:21 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Darryl" == Darryl Okahata <darrylo at soco.agilent.com> writes:

    Darryl>      For example, I have an EPIA M10000-based system, and
    Darryl> a similarly- configured 2200 Athlon XP-M based system.
    Darryl> The EPIA system has a PVR-350, and the Athlon XP-M has a
    Darryl> PVR-250/Nvidia MX440.  The EPIA system uses around 60-70W,
    Darryl> whereas the Athlon XP-M uses 70-90W.  Neither has a
    Darryl> monitor.  (Power measured using a wattmeter, and not
    Darryl> calculated using an ammeter.)

What do you use to cool the XP-M - do you know of a site that
discusses cooling for these CPUs ? I've been looking for places to buy
in Norway and they aren't particularly widespread. I also didn't
realise that you could plug an XP-M into a standard XP motherboard.


Adrian Phillips

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