[mythtv-users] New recordings option

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Jul 16 21:04:47 EDT 2004

Curtis Stanford wrote:
> Awesome explanation, thanks. How does the 'New episodes' option work in the 
> GUI. When I pick it, it doesn't seem to work the same as the other options 
> (i.e. subtitle and description, etc.)

Believe it or not, the subtitle and description won't matter
when 'New episodes' is a possibility. DataDirect includes
programids and the originalairdate info. 'New episodes'
is only offered when there is an originalairdate which means
that it is DD and DD can match episodes based on programids
without having to fall back to the string matching hacks.
DD will use string matching for stuff in oldrecorded from
before DD was used and programids were not available to be
stored. However, with the 'New episodes' method we don't
care about anything that is older than 14 days anyway.

Therefore, there is only one 'New episodes' method that
doesn't need to concern itself with subtitle or description.

--  bjm

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