[mythtv-users] MythMusic -how do you organize your music?

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Fri Jul 16 20:57:37 EDT 2004

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> I think Isaac was refererring to downloaded music.  If you're ripping 
> your own CDs, then you're responsible for properly tagging them.  I 
> never blindly trust CDDB.
My point was that legitimate mp3s/oggs/flacs also have issues.  It's not 
just the pirates who have bad tags.  I agree, it's your responsibility 
to properly tag.  It's just not an easy task when you're dealing with 
lots of CDs at once or ripping with different tools over the years.

> If you use Myth for ripping, it's easy to overcome differences in CDDB 
> data.  When you insert the CD to be ripped, Myth will display the CDDB 
> information it finds.  The genre, artist & album fields are combo boxes 
> that will be pre-filled with the string fetched from CDDB.  However, 

That sounds like a nice feature.  I didn't know it existed.  I used 
Myth's ripper for about the first 10 CDs with 0.12, then found the 
process to be too inefficient.  I'll probably give the Myth ripper 
another shot next time I buy a CD.

I switched to Grip as all I had to do was insert a CD, wait until the CD 
got ejected (sometimes over an hour due to scratches and paranoia being 
enabled), then put another in.  Never had to look at the screen and 
could go on watching tv, reading, cooking, eating, whatever whilst the 
ripping took place.  The result was not monitoring the tag data during 
the process and having lots of bad tag data.

> All this is not to say that tagging isn't a nuisance.  I personally use 
> the directory tree method because I find that the tag format is 
> deficient.

I find the tag method very powerful once all your tags are in order.  It 
is a real nuisance to get to that point, however.

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