[mythtv-users] New recordings option

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Jul 16 19:30:08 EDT 2004

Curtis Stanford wrote:
> Can someone explain to me if and how this works in the current CVS? All 
> the changes to the scheduling options are really confusing me. When I 
> change a show to record new episodes only, nothing happens and the 
> setting returns to what it was before. I have added the --mark-repeats 
> option to filldb.

The best way to be sure that all entries are marked is to empty
your program table and let mythfilldatabase re-fill  it from

The only way you'd see a difference with the new episodes option
is if you found a show with a mix of episodes that whose air date
are within 14 days that y0you hadn't recorded previously and old
episodes that you you had not recorded previously. It would exclude
the old but unrecorded episodes (that do actually have an original
air date) and mark them with a lowercase "r" on the conflicts page
(but then this would also be true if their aren't any new episodes). 

> I noticed someone say that the recordoverride table was going away? I 
> never understood the override thing anyway. If anyone can elaborate or 
> point to some docs on it I would appreciate it.

"recordoverride" hasn't been used for months to mark things
that are forced to record or force to not record and has nothing
to do with the above new episode stuff.

"Overrides" are now simply included in the "record" table along
with the other record types. There are 'do record' overrides and
'don't record' overrides

Don't record is simply saying that you do not want this specific
showing to be recorded. Say there is a conflict and you know that
one of the shows doesn't need to be recorded. you can click the
"Don't record" button then the conflicts page marks it with "X"
and the scheduler will not record it but may schedule a later
showing if there are other showing of that same episode. If it
is an episode you've seen before, you can click "Never record"
and it will also add an entry to the "oldrecorded" table so that
episode will not be recorded in the future either.

The 'do record' type is sort of like a single record on top of
something that matches a series and allows you to add special
attributes to just this one showing. This is useful to change
the priority, starttime, endtime, recording profile, etc. for
just one showing.

Say for example you have a channel record for "The Joe Schmo
Show" on SpikeTV. They now show new episodes on Monday night
from 11:05 - 12:00. However, they really run from ~11:08 - 12:08.
You can add an override for the Monday showing to add ten minutes
to the endoffset. This just affects the one showing and all the
other showings that are covered by the channel record rule will
still end on time.

--  bjm

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