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john roberts homepagez at lycos.com
Fri Jul 16 13:45:13 EDT 2004

I'm driving a Samsung 50inch DLP - which is a Progress Scan display running 1280x760 (If my memory is correct).

The Myth box is a Gentoo box with:

- 2.6.7 kernel
- Latest Chris Kennedy patches for IVTV (0.10.x)
- Latest nVidia drivers (6106)
- Latest (stock) mythtv (0.15.1)
- Running the XvMC performance patch from Daniel)
- P4/HT 2.6G 800 FSB
- two 160G drives
- PVR-250
- pcHDTV card
- FX5500 video card

Things look great for me as well.  But I get some studder when I first change the channel (ATSC we're talking here).  I also get some studder when I hit "i" to find out what I'm watching/etc.

Nothing worked well without XvMC enabled.  So - after recompiling with march=pentium4 and with XvMC enabled - things were much better.

I would say the system is "usable/watchable" right now.  I think I have things pretty tweaked out for performance.  I'm running a very thin X window Mgr (can't think of the name of it right now) and I have enabled the 4k kernel stack option to help with performance.

So - as I said - the PVR-250 running NTSC was not an issue... the CPU was over-kill as many have said here in this thread.  It was when I moved to ATSC (720p/1080i) content where my CPU had an issue.

Just my experience...

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> --- john roberts <homepagez at lycos.com> wrote:
> > 
> > Speaking of the pcHDTV card.  If you are thinking of
> > using this card someday and watch OTA high-def -
> > make sure you get something faster then a P4 3.0GHz
> > processor.  My 2.6GHz is just enough (and that's
> > only if I run with XvMC enabled).
> > 
> > I'm in the market for a 3.2G processor so I can help
> > smooth out some of the jitter with my 2.6G
> > processor.  I wish I had known this when I bought my
> > parts for mythtv. :)
> > 
> > -John
>  I think you might have something wrong with your
> setup. I have a pcHDTV card running fine on an Athlon
> XP 2000 with an FX5200 doing the XvMC on the latest
> 6106 driver. I only have one 1080i station (PBS) to
> test on though. If I set the video mode to 1080i for
> the Infocus X1 and let it do the scaling, it looks
> great. XvMC and iDCT acceleration will only get better
> supported as time goes on.
>  I do notice that cpu usage goes up a lot, and the
> system will skip at 1080i if I allow it to scale, even
> with Xv. I must output 1080i or 540p to get it to not
> skip. I'd be interested in your setup and experiences.
>  I like the flexibility of software decoding, but I
> can live with things like a black and white OSD for
> now. Hi-Def specs are going to remain the same for
> some time, nothing better then 1080p, while computing
> power will just get cheaper, no reason to spend all
> that money.
> -vito
> My Setup:
> Athlon XP 2000 at 1.7Ghz
> Nvidia FX5200 with 6106
> pcHDTV
> Fedora Core 2 with vanilla 2.6.7
> Infocus X1 projector
> 120" Screen ;)
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