[mythtv-users] Bugs in MythVideo?

René Pollesch r.pollesch at gmx.de
Fri Jul 16 09:03:58 EDT 2004

Hi there!

Since v0.15 I've noticed some small, but quite annoying bugs in
MythVideo (perhaps some of them are affecting other parts of the
program). Of course I've also tried the latest stable release v0.15.1
and even the current CVS version could not solve the problems. I'm using
the Testing branch of the Debian Linux distribution and the compile
process finished without aborting with errors.

- "Video List" does not sort the entries properly. When I add new
movies, they are appended to the bottom of the list. In manage or browse
mode they are shown in the correct order. Very strange.

- Special international characters are not displayed correctly. To give
an example: I had to rename "Léon - The Profi" to "Leon - The Profi" :-(

Perhaps someone has a solution?


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