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Marc-David Meijer mythtv at xiz.demon.nl
Fri Jul 16 07:47:42 EDT 2004

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> Aan: Darryl Okahata; Discussion about mythtv
> Onderwerp: Re: [mythtv-users] New Computer Advice
> Op vrijdag 16 juli 2004 06:47, schreef Darryl Okahata:
> > Russ <bigrig64 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > > I have been Trying to learn what I can about MythTV and how to set it
> > > up. I am planning on getting a new computer while putting some older
> > > computers back in service as dedicated MythTV boxes. I would like some
> > > advice though. I will be using this new computer for everything (TV,
> > > maybe some gaming)
> >
> >      All of your specs are overkill for a mythtv box (since you're using
> > a PVR-250/350).  You're therefore constrained by the other things that
> > you're going to be doing.  A mythtv box with a 250/350 can live with a
> > 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and a lower-end Nvidia card like an MX440.
> Still overkill, people are running such a setup (PVRx50) on EPIA-800's,
> that's
> about a P2-300MHz equivalent. A year to half a year ago people said Myth
> (backend frontend) by itself has just enough with 256MB RAM. When you have
> on-board VGA that soups up some of the RAM you might want to plug in a
> little
> more.

My first setup was a Duron 800 with only 128mb ram. I'm using KnoppMyth with
some minor modifications for my hardware. Everything worked fine(Live TV,
recording, etc), only the menu was a bit slow due to the system starting to
swap whenever a menu-item was activated. Also, you can't do anything extra,
i.e. you can't run a mythtranscode in the background, that takes too much
extra memory.

However, every game that was released last year requires higher specs than
the minimum for MythTV. If you plan to keep a lot of recorded shows on your
harddisk, I'd go for a big harddisk. 

For the rest of the hardware, it depends on your budget. Being a gamer
myself, these are my guidelines when buying new hardware (I buy a new pc
every two years or so):
don't save on:
- harddisk space (hard to upgrade, you can only add an extra disk)
- CPU (hard to upgrade, your motherboard won't support cpu's that are in
store next year anyway)
- Video-card (very expensive to upgrade)

Save on:
- memory (take 512mb now, a new chip can be added whenever you're going to
need it)
- cd/dvd-player (cheap to upgrade)
- mainboard (minor impact on performance)

Don't forget to check for Linux-drivers before you buy something :)


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