[mythtv-users] New Computer Advice

Russ bigrig64 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 15 19:43:35 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I have been Trying to learn what I can about MythTV and how to set it 
up. I am planning on getting a new computer while putting some older 
computers back in service as dedicated MythTV boxes. I would like some 
advice though. I will be using this new computer for everything (TV, 
maybe some gaming)

I know a 3ghz will more than do the job, but would I see a performance 
increase with a 3.02/3.04/3.06? Basically, would it be worth the $$ to 
get the 3.06 or is it just bragging rights?

Do you think it is worth the $$ to upgrade to 1gig from 512meg?

I am going with NVidia since it seems to be the best supported under 
Linux. Is it worth the $$ to get the FX5700 or will the FX5500 do?

For the dedicated boxes I plan on getting 2 PVR 350. Both boxes are 
1ghz, 512ram with on-board video and sound. Will that be a problem 
(these will be hooked to TV's only)?


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