[mythtv-users] Flash in mythbrowser

Chris Poch cpoch at vt.edu
Thu Jul 15 11:58:47 EDT 2004

Have any of you had any success making flash animations work in 
mythbrowser?  I want to be able to watch homestarrunner from within 
myth, but all I get is a black page when I go to 
http://www.homestarrunner.com.  When I go directly to 
http://www.homestarrrunner.com/sbemail.swf, I get a gray screen with 
lots of black random characters displayed in strikethrough.  I have the 
flash plugin installed, and it works fine in mozilla.  Konqueror wants 
me to install the flash player, but installing it again fails (it cannot 
find my mozilla directory).  The plugins path for konqueror includes the 
location where the flash plugin is.  Any ideas?  Workarounds?

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