[mythtv-users] Nvidia-6106 breaks 'separate video modes for GUI & TV playback'

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 15 09:57:23 EDT 2004

Is anybody else seeing this?

I use the 'separate video modes for GUI & TV playback option' on my 
frontend.  GUI is set for 800x600, TV is set for 640x480.  This option 
says it uses 'xrandr' support to achieve the resolution switch.

After switching to the 6106 driver (had been using 4363), everything is 
fine until I watch a recording or LiveTV for the first time.  As soon 
as it does the video mode switch, my overscan setting (whether from 
XF86Config or nvidia-settings, doesn't matter) gets cleared and my 
picture becomes horribly under-scanned.

A quick check of the nvidia-linux forum shows me that the nvidia driver 
doesn't (has never?) support the 'rotate' part of RandR, but that 
simple resizing should work.  No mention of xrandr affecting other 
settings, though.

Does anyone else see this?


FC1 w/latest ATrpms 2.4.22 kernel
nvidia driver installed with their installer (not rpm)
Myth CVS from late June


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