[mythtv-users] Suggestion: Move to trash option

Mark Crutch markc at qsiuk.com
Thu Jul 15 07:05:32 EDT 2004

Last night I was discussing a TV programme with a friend. It turned out that he'd missed it, but I'd watched it the previous night off my Myth (0.14) box, and had already deleted it (from the menu that appears when you finish watching a programme). Obviously if I'd recorded it on a VCR the tape might have still been lying around and available for him to watch.

In order to replicate this functionality in Myth, I got to wondering about an alternative to deleting files. How about having another option which marks the file as watched, and therefore takes it out of the list of recordings to watch, and preferably out of the calculations for free disk space. The file would still exist (until it gets auto-expired) and could be forcibly deleted on the "Delete Recordings" screen, or could be reinstated to the main list from the same screen.

I'm not sure what I would label this option as, but as an analogy to computer systems it's like "Move to trash" as opposed to "Delete". Perhaps "Finished watching" or "Hide" would be more user-friendly terms.

This way it would be possible to recover a watched file for some time after it has been "removed", provided it has not yet been auto-expired.


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