[mythtv-users] avidemux2 command line? nuv -->> DVD

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Jul 13 16:08:16 EDT 2004

> So, do I understand this right?  Using a PVR-*50 card, you are creating 
> MPEG2 files that are just named *.nuv.  The MPEG2 is not actually 
> dropped into the nuv container.  So, when not using an encoding card, 
> but using software encoding, you get a true nuv file...?

Correct, with the hardware encoders, myth just renames the file to .nuv 
and does not do any format conversion (I've always wondered why it 
didn't just keep the mpg suffix since the filename itself is stored in 
the database).  Only the software encoders actually use the nuv file format.

> Since it uses nuvexport, won't is support nuv files that come from 
> software encoding?

seemingly so.


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