[mythtv-users] avidemux2 command line? nuv -->> DVD

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Tue Jul 13 11:18:31 EDT 2004

I use the following steps for converting nuv files to DVD:

1) use avidemux2 to export the raw video and audio files
	video = file.m2v
	audio = file.mp2
2) mplex files together
	mplex -f 8 -o file.mpg file.m2v file.mp2
3) dvdauthor to create the VOBs
	dvdauthor -o [directory] -f file.mpg
	dvdauthor -T -o [directory]
4) test VOBs
5) burn DVD

Right now I have to run the gui for avidemux2 and manually do the first
step. Anyone know of another way to do this where the first step could
be done at the command line? I'd like to just script it up to and
including creating the VOBs. I don't see a way of doing it with

Is there a better way of doing this? I don't mind having the
commercials, so manually editing them out is not that important to me. 


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