[mythtv-users] Black Screen With Nvidia

Tony Harmelink Ace at Acescrypt.us
Sun Jul 11 22:50:25 EDT 2004

On Sunday 11 July 2004 17:14, Tony Harmelink wrote:
> I recently whiped and decided to start over, this time comfiguring things
> correctly, or so i hoped.  I installed the latest Nividia drivers, 6106,
> and proceded with the instilation. now whenever i go to live tv all i see
> is a blank screen and it locks mythfrontend and i have to
> <ctl><alt><backspace> to regain control.  I can record and see a video in
> the preview area, but it locks when i try to watch it.  In my last install
> it ran, slowly, with standard 'nv' drivers. I can see /dev/video0 so i know
> the card is recognised.  bttv is set to card 72.
> Specs:
> Athlon 2700+
> ECS KT600-A
> 512 MB Kingston
> 200GB Hitachi
> Pixelview BT878P+ Rev. 9D
> Riva TNT2
> Kernel 2.6.7-gentoo-r9
I recompiled without directfb and i nolonger have the balck screen problem, 
but now it goes for 10 seconds smoothly then get's very slow and jittery.
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