[mythtv-users] Looking for a Media PC system

David myth at dgreaves.com
Sun Jul 11 11:28:21 EDT 2004

Russ wrote:

> David wrote:
>> My plans are to get my new system in stages. First, get the PC (big 
>> enough to do the the job). Then when that is paid off, I was going to 
>> get a 23' Wide screen LCD tv/monitor (the BenQ FP231W looks great). I 
>> am willing to spend a bit on it but I do not have a bottomless barrel 
>> either. Therefore I need a video card capable of  dealing with 
>> resolutions of 1920x1200.
>> Is this going to be a dedicated Myth PC for the lounge? Or a desktop 
>> that you watch the TV on?
>> You probably don't _need_ very high resolutions unless you are going 
>> HDTV.
> It is going to be mine (all mine, just mine. In my room. No kids. 
> mine,mine,mine). I want it to be my everything (PC, TV).  Complete 
> with a huge monitor. It will be set up in my bedroom for my viewing 
> and computing purposes. Violators will be politely shot.

I'd suggest Fedora or Debian then (maybe Gentoo if you like stroking the 
bare metal!)
KnoppMyth is for dedicated Myth systems but may be a good 'get you 
going' distro.

> I am that friend that people come to for the free tech support (well, 
> actually I did get a bag of blue berries yesterday, and some york 
> peperment patties last week).

Yeah, _someone_ owes me some blueberry muffins (I think...)
Build one then - much more control than buying one - and you can get a 
far sexier case.
Dig about the past months postings (I take it you found the list archives?)
Also have a look at the wiki (www.mythtv.info) if you like wikis :)

> I notice in the HOW-TO's that my distro of choice (SuSE) is not 
> covered (bummer). I did start out with Mandrake but the latest version 
> I tried (9.0) was broken and I couldn't get it working. I never have 
> gotten Red Hat/Fedora to work (ever). SuSE 9.0 worked out of the box 
> with very little tweaking (sound was a small issue).

That goes away with decent hardware. Fedora works - there are hundreds 
of people using it with Myth and Jarod's (Fedora) guide seems to be far 
and away the most robust keystroke by keystroke guide to getting things 


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